Coatesville, NZ
Status: design phase

A single-family house project in the Coatesville landscape was designed as a contemporary house with a modern form which draws from the best contemporary patterns. 


Functional zones (designated for specific activities) have been arranged so that every home user has comfort and intimacy. This was achieved thanks to the size and central location of the house entryway. This rectangular section of the house along with a kids' play area is a buffer and works as a link that distributes communication between private and shared places. 


The 'day' area of the home, where the family spends time together, is planned to be lit from all sides and to 'open' both to the pre-entry zone of the outside front door and to the garden, pool and surrounding views.


The master bedroom, dressing room, and private bathroom are located so as to constitute asylum - quiet private space - clearly separated from other parts of the house.

Applegarth Residance
North and West Facade
View from Driveway
Proposed Plans
North and West Facade
South Facade
North Facade