Bunn's residence

The Bunn's residence is a two-storey building whose architectural form and function was created as a result of cutting two rectangles at 45 degree angles.


A centre 'distribution' point is located where these two rectangular masses intersect. This creates a 'buffer' area that allows for intimacy and comfort no matter where you are in the house.


On the ground floor, there is a large living room, dining room, and kitchen with a pantry on one wing side, as well as a large media room located at the other end. An additional garage is attached to the side of the building.


The living room and dining room, the most important places in the house where the residents live most of their lives, have been designed as spacious, bright and high rooms. Beams, high ceilings, simple layouts and large glazed sliding doors in these spaces emphasise their prestigious character and take full advantage of the views.


Hinuera stone facades have been selected to enhance the building's sense of solidity and permanence. 

New Build
377 Glenvar Road, Auckland, NZ
status: construction in progress
Entry / South Facade
Construction Phase
Entry / South Facade
Construction Phase
North Facade
Proposed North Facade
Hinuera Stone
Birds Eye View Proposed
Construction Phase
West Facade